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About carod


Since 1992,YueHe Musical Instrument (Called YH) has operated various types of imported and domestic high-end brand pianos ,and In 2012 Changsha YueHe Muscial Instrument Co.,Ltd officially founded, with the main responsibility of sales of Carod piano in mainland China.

In March 2014,in order to open the global market for further development, YH instruments achieved the strategic alliance with Carod Piano and is responsible for the Carod piano global marketing and sales. 

Brand founder

In 1800,the founder,"Adolf Carod"was born in State of Saxony,who was the famous pianist and engineers in Germany and In 1860 ,the first Carod Grand piano 1520mm length was produced.

Production Process

From its founding,the company adhere to the principle of pure hand-made piano.

In the early 20th century,the Carod piano was the industry benchmark in Germany,especially the grand piano which takes the most advanced sound design and workmanship in the world, with the famous Suzuki or Roslau string and the high quality hammer felt, so that it could ensure the best timbre of the piano. 

As a professional instrument company regarding the sales and service as a new concept, YH musical instrument has already established the stable sales channel as well as the after-sales network all over the world, which could let our clients enjoy the world-class services.

We are proud of our high quality piano and we hope that we could have the opportunity to introduce it to you.  

Carod brand

Carod Piano,The high-end piano brand ,which is in the Birth of combinatoin of Germany traditional crafts and the art of Italy. With independent design, having the ability to produce a full range of upright and grand piano, enormous potentiality make the production of carod piano exceed 10 thousand sets annually

Close cooperation with the world's top suppliers,i.e :

German RennerStrunz Abel DehonitItalian ciresa Chinese luoChuan Yaetc.

To ensure that each component is striving for excellence.Strictly control every process in the production.Up to 60 days of quiet, to protect the stability of the unparalleled in the sound.All products of Carod have passed the "German Rhine" authoritative professional certification.This created excellent quality, ultimate competitive product price,also made Carod piano having a good reputation,obtained 60% marketing share in the internet piano markets.

achieved "Internet piano first brand" award.Achieved the "Internet piano first brand" award.

In the year 2016,Carod Piano will work together with Yuehe cloud service from the users’ pain point of starting to build the Internet of things education system IoT FM,Enter into the piano Internet of things and training market.