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Carod piano at China International Musical Expo in 2016


China Shanghai International Musical Instrument Expo was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from 26th to 29th Oct.This year, the scale of the exhibition is a new high, covering an area of 112,000 square meters. The exhibition hall has a total of 1,900 Chinese and foreign enterprises in 30 countries and regions. Which including Pearl River, Xinghai, Carod, Yamaha, Casio, Steinway and many other well-known brands. Over 85,000 musical instrument manufacturers, distributors, musicians and music lovers all come to visit.
The warm atmosphere of the exhibition hall, the collection of famous artists, the erhu master Jin Yue, and many other artists appeared in the popular wave, lacquer art master Weng Jijun's creation of the five series paint painting guzheng and other kinds of Chinese and Western musical instruments exhibition is also dazzling.
At E2B88 &E3A62 booth,Tmall 11.11 Top 1 sales piano brand Carod attracts so many visitors.
In the Carod piano booth, the spoon&CT23 model vertical piano was designed by the Italian master as Carod piano main products.Many visitors played the piano and then they feel these two piano sound with texture full of praise.
Carod piano in addition to the tradition of European classic, we also introduced a refreshing intelligent playing system, the Cloud piano APP and the new "1 +3" joint venture model, attracted a stream Stop the crowd to stop. On the same day, Carod's "Tmall double eleven start meeting" with the exhibition together, Carod piano staff and channels to work together to prepare for continuing to secure the top spot in the Internet piano sales.


The face of increasingly fiery competition in the industry, Internet and brand building will become increasingly important. How to be invincible in the competition of the new era is the problem that all musical instrument enterprises need to think about. The success of Carod piano will undoubtedly provide a brand-new idea for traditional piano enterprises.


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