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Carod release Cloud Piano APP, Create Piano Education New Ecology


Shanghai International Musical Expo begins on 26th Oct,it attracts so many visitors to visit every year.Except classical piano,high technology smart piano system is also the hightlight in the Musical Expo.
At the Musical Expo,Our Carod release cloud piano APP,Will focus from development of new products to the depth of services,.We stand on the forefront of the Chinese market,connecting the world music to create piano education new ecology.

The Cloud piano as new internet piano education platform,when release,it earns recognition of many professionals.Cloud piano through internet of things piano patent,on the basis of keeping original piano structure, Through the Internet signal transmission between the piano and piano to achieve synchronization, with a high degree of precision collection, equipment durability and performance of fine degree, accurate reduction of each key beating. Users can come home to enjoy real-time concert by Carod smart piano, enjoy the concert site comparable to the ultimate audio-visual experience, and then can also be combined with the teaching APP to achieve the true sense of the remote piano teaching.


Yuehe Group and general manager of yunfu,Guo Li told us that China's urban children aged 5-7 to receive music education and training ratio is 50%, 7-10 years old children is 30%, such a large traditional art Education market want to connect the Internet completely is not a matter of time, cloud piano is committed to build the traditional music education to the Internet music education highway.
Carod piano chairman Lai Zhiqiang also said that, music this art has been able to become a discipline, because music could as knowledge to meet personal skills and appreciate the value of the demand. A variety of music activities in addition to providing a wealth of entertainment to enjoy,dissemination of the same time also has the ability to educate. The arrival of the Internet era for the music to bring a lot of learning resources, precisely because of this, the Internet music education model is to fit the development needs of the times.
The advent of cloud piano app,it makes Carod piano further promote.