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World piano prince Richard Clayderman signed with Carod Piano


 In January 2017,world piano prince Richard Clayderman held world-class piano concert at Changsha,set off a classical music cyclone.


(World piano prince Richard Clayderman(on the right) signed with world-class piano brand Carod piano,formally became the spokesman of Carod Piano.)

After that,Richard Clayderman signed with Carod piano which is the E-business piano sales champion in China,formally endorsement for Carod piano.

Mr Richard Clayderman born in 1953 with an unusual piano talent from childhood.He released first disc at 23 years old.Up to now,he played more than 4000 pianos,recorded over 1000 piano music,and the sales of his disc almost reached 100,000,000 pieces.Since his first performance in China in 1992,Richard clayderman has adapted and played many Chinese music,such as:"I Love Beijing Tiananmen","A Great River","Red Sun","Butterfly Lovers","Folk Songs Like Spring Water“,“Hua Xin”,”Ai Ru Chao Shui”,etc..He bring these oriental characteristic piano music into millions of household with outstanding contributions to the popularization of Chinese piano music and the integrated communication of Eastern and Western Music.

Carod piano which endorsement by Richard Clayderman belongs to Yuehe Group,a world-class piano brand.On the one hand, its core components are derived from world-renowned brands,laying its own excellent craft quality;On the other hand,adopting the famous Serra piano patents,specially appointed Italy piano manufacturing master Pasgualino Serra as the technical director.To set up a piano team that know about piano,love music,ensure piano quality and tone.