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Smart piano

Through the performance signal acquisition and piano automatic playing system, pianist playing on stage,we can enjoy watching the concert at home in real time through the Carod wisdom piano and APP. At the same time we can also see the key of the same frequency beating. This set of equipment has a very high collection of precision, equipment durability and performance of fine. The combination of teaching and science and technology, record the intensity of each key, the teacher could see the results of student practice at any time, teacher also could give student’s advise at any time.It is composed of my class and my practicing record. My class contains video, audio, MID pianos. Piano teacher recorded teaching video and upload in the APP, then the students can consolidate the course content through APP after class. And interconnection APP with the piano , the teacher can monitoring student piano progress and effect in real time,it makes more convenient for learning. Interactive entertainment. You can share your own songs, exchange piano practicing skills, promotional activities and so on. Through the electromagnetic conversion of the magnetic drive key to achieve unattended piano performance. Drive circuit adopts the advanced FPGA (field programmable gate array) technology,on the one hand can achieve high precision of current control (control accuracy of one over eight million of a second) and to relize ultra-high resolution analysis, enhance Automatic performance of the emotional expression; the other hand, to confirm the FPGA technology could get the hardware decoding of the repertoire, the output speed is almost no time, so that every note can be fully interpreted Piano through the most cutting-edge Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to the mobile APP, to achieve the massive cloud interactive resources and applications. Through the advanced CAN network to achieve the interconnection of the LAN piano and provide support to a one-to-many teaching Cloud piano system combined with embedded computing FPGA and WIFI bluetooth communication, photoelectric sensor CAN control LAN communications, mobile internet APP, such as leading-edge technology to create the piano of Internet of things in the future. Through the MIDI interface to connect to the music editing system, so that the piano can also used as an alternative to a MIDI keyboard for music creation By detecting the photoelectric reflection intensity of the playing process to collect. Because there is no touch with the piano keys,then there is no any impact to the feeling of piano playing. Using multi-point light intensity detection technology can well capture the keys speed change and high-performance 32-bit ARM processors for all the keys to achieve more than 20,000 times per second ultra-high speed scanning for each key movement trajectory perfect capture. Power control and drive power are completely independent design, enhance the stability of the system.

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