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Carod Team

  • Zhiqiang Lai

    Hunan Yuehe Group President
    Carod piano product manager
    Piano and violin Teaching

  • Pasqualina Serra

    Carod Piano Technical Director. Italian piano making master. professionnal piano making master for more than 30 years. Alfonso Lundano piano technology heritor. The inventor of spoon piano sound source resonance system.

  • Baoxiang He

    Hunan Yuehe Group Production Manager. 20 years experience in piano making. From the choice of piano materials to processing of technology has its unique insights.

  • Adam Li

    Hunan Yuehe Group Export Manager. Deep researching Foreign piano for many years. Combine foreign technology with Chinese demand. Laying a solid foundation for Chinese piano export.

  • Dong

    Hunan Yuehe Group Piano Technicion. Studying voicing technology for 3 years in Korean. Piano tuning for more than 15 years. Senior technician level.

  • Li Guo

    Hunan Yuehe Group R & D Department Manager. Cloud piano technician. Computer Dr. of Zhongshan University.